Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's gone!

Her tooth came out last night. Check out her new smile! She is thrilled it happened before the last day of school.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The past few weeks

As we head into the last week of school I find myself trying to catch my breath from the past 10 days or so. It's been busy, but a ton of fun too.
Gracie has been riding her bike non-stop. This is what happens when you leave it parked behind the neighbors garage! No more rides until I find the time to take it to the shop.
Open House for Parker and Carson. Carson loves his teacher Mrs. Gateley.
He also loves his sister McCall as manifested in his 5 page letter to her, it makes me cry.
His seed poster which he worked diligently on and completed by himself...thank you Mr. Independent!
One of our favorite teachers, Mrs. Peterson! She has taught all of our kids so far and sadly got her pink slip a few weeks ago. I'm not loving the whole tenure system right now! She is a fantastic teacher and we wanted her and Mrs. Mays to teach Bayden.
Gracie's sheep masterpiece.
The cutest baby ducks! I wanted them to imprint on me, but I was not around them long enough to make it happen.
Gracie with her "fancy" aka pretty teacher, Mrs. Mays. She was the most perfect teacher for Gracie this year.
Gracie with her 3rd Grade Buddy, I can't remember her name.
Bayden holding Jimmer Fredette! I'm not kidding, that is the rabbits name and no I didn't name him. A local animal rescue named him and they love Jimmer as much as we do!
Carson had his big BUGS play at school. He played the same role as Parker, an Army Ant Line Leader. A very important role that he took quite seriously!
Here he is on stage! It is one of my all time favorite plays and I love it when I have a child in 2nd grade and get to hear the catchy tunes again.
Parker with his teacher Mr. Gex! Do you think he likes him? He LOVES him and school. What a difference a great teacher can make in someone's life!
Parker chose to do his hero report on Steve Jobs. Mr. Gex doesn't believe in parent projects, which is why I love him! Parker did this all on his own.
Carson enjoying a day at school. I was there to teach an art lesson and caught him outside beforehand.
Parker's Open House was held a different night. Showing off his Steve Jobs work to his dad.
Making his volcano.
The eruption!
I thought it was pretty cool.
Here he is with his awesome student teacher, Mrs. Willardson.
My favorite part of Mother's day! Cuddling at night with all of my kids in bed.
The poster the kids made for me on Mother's day! My favorite gift of the day along with the little notes of appreciation McCall left all over our house.
Bayden had his gymnastics show last week and had a great time performing for me.
Here he is with the best gymnastics teacher in the world the darling Maddie Nethercott.
Parker had his Orchestra performance last week as well, he was fantastic!
This is where you end up standing when you show up 5 minutes before the show starts! All those over-achieving parents got there 20 minutes before and snagged all of the seats.
Gracie's front tooth is SUPER loose. I thought she would have lost it by now, so we snapped a picture of her on Thursday morning after she had woken up!
The Tour of California made its way through our neck of the woods. You can't tell from these pictures but it was a torrential down pour( yes, it is May and we live in California and it is cold and I'm starting to question why I pay such high taxes to live in not-so-sunny California?) You can tell what dedicated fans we are to stand out there in the rain. I pulled the boys out of school and then after feeling extreme guilt for not checking out Gracie, I ran 1/2 mile to get her out of school to see the Peloton go by. She was so thankful I did!
Bayden wasn't thrilled with the weather either.
The next night McCall had her "Serenade Under the Stars" orchestra performance. She is a happy little viola player. Her orchestra just competed at a Northern California competition down at Six Flags and her orchestra received the highest score for the event and won the competition. Her teacher told us about the competition, but who knows maybe they were the only orchestra to compete.
Bayden had his last day of Speech with his sweet therapist Ms. Terri. She has helped three of my kids with speech. We don't know what the fall holds with the budget cuts and what not, so it was kind of bittersweet saying goodbye to her this week! She has the kindest heart.
Gracie sleeps with this mask on and it makes me laugh so incredibly hard. I had to take a picture to remember how hard it makes me laugh.
Swim team started at the beginning of the month, so we are back to our crazy swim schedule. Time trials were on Saturday. Gracie was beyond excited.
Here she is waiting for her first event.
We forget to teach her how to start off the blocks...oops! It wasn't a big deal though, she still had a great time and didn't even realize she jumped in about 3 seconds after everyone else.
She swam hard and kicked it at the end to finish strong.
Happy little swimmer.
Carson is back for another season! He improved all of his time from last year by at least 15 seconds! We were so proud of him. He had absolutely the best starts of his life which made a huge difference in his overall performance! You are awesome Carson!
At least we remembered to tell one child how to start a race.
A perfect dive into the pool.
He held his streamline forever...Mark and I were so proud!
McCall was pretty thrilled too!
Again, we obviously need to discuss starts with this little one. Here is Gracie HALF WAY out of the pool prior to her backstroke race. This little girl had the best day! She has wanted to compete the last 2 years and we told her she had to wait, so Saturday was a little piece of Heaven for her!

I didn't get pictures of the boys at the baseball game or the Father Son's campout, but the boys had a great time at both events.

Now we are gearing up for this last week of school. I hate to see another year slip by and watch my kids grow up, but it will be great to be done with homework and make some fun memories together this summer.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spring Break Part 2

You can tell we are heading towards the end of the school year and that swim team has started up again because things have been crazy around here. I finally got these other photos uploaded and in the correct order. Now, before I go and plant my overdue garden I will give you a brief glimpse at the rest of our fun trip.

One of my favorite things we did was morning walks and morning bike rides along the beach. There was a great boardwalk along the entire waterfront that the kids loved to ride their bikes on. It made schlepping them all the way down there totally worth it! Here is McCall one lovely morning.
Yogurtland was another favorite! It became part of our bedtime routine and I must say it was a great addition to our bedtime routine.
The best part they let you get your own samples! You can see the excitement in Parker's creepy eyes.
Sand dollar and seashell hunts were also a "must do" each day. Gracie didn't care who saw her in her pajamas because it was serious business for her.
A few of her finds which now reside in our shell jar at home.
One day we went aboard the USS Midway! I wasn't too sure about it and how much my kids would enjoy it but I am so glad we went because we all loved it. It was so interesting. Here is the kids up on the flight deck.
Up inside the command center, I can't remember what they called it, maybe the nest?
They had several helicopters and jets used in the war that the kids could go inside of and check out.
We also each got a snazzy headset to listen to and learn from. I'm all about a good audio tour and this one was great.
The kids locked up in the Midway Brig! Doing time for not sleeping in late enough.
After the Midway we had a day full of sunshine, so the kids (Mark and Scott included) were anxious to get back to the beach for some boogie boarding.
McCall and Aidan catch a wave.
McCall, Carson and Mark. I still thought it was freezing and way to cold to be in the water.
Parker having fun.
McCall trying to keep her mouth shut and the salt out!
We also had a skin board that the boys were trying to use. Bayden just used his boogie board in lieu of the skin board. He was a smart little boy who wanted to stay warm next to his mama.
I don't know if there are words to describe how much Carson loved boogie boarding in the ocean. Long after everyone else had gone in and I was shivering uncontrollably in my sweats and two sweatshirts, Carson was still out there, swimming out with his board trying to catch more waves. Just like the ski slopes, he was the very last one to come in out of the water. I think I discovered on this trip that this boy has a thing for individual extreme type sports. He gets lost in the moment and it was just him and the water, no fear involved. His mantra to me became, "Just one more wave!" By the 73rd "just one more" I had to call it quits. I wish I could have gotten a closer shot of his face because he had a huge smile on his face the whole time.
Gracie was more into Sand Castle building and chocolate soup making than the boogie boarding.
Here is the boardwalk in front of our house on our way to go get yogurt. Bay is on his bike in the foreground making friends with the skaters along our route.
We had a great time at the beach and can't wait to go back!