Thursday, July 26, 2007

Final Swim Meet

We have had a fabulous time participating in swim team for the first time this year. Both McCall and Parker are members of the Folsom Sea Ottter swim club. They have had a great time doing it and have improved so much from their first practice in May. After time trials they each set some personal goals for themselves and we were so happy that they were able to reach a few of them. McCall wanted to improve her time in the Butterfly by 10 seconds or more and we are happy to report that she had her personal best on Saturday and reached that goal!!! Butterfly is her best and favorite stroke, which is amazing to us since we still aren't sure if we are doing it correctly.

Parker's goal was to get a first place finish in the backstroke. He did it on Saturday! I was so excited I almost fell in the pool as I ran along him screaming my head off. He finished two whole body lengths in front of the next guy. These are a few pictures from that great day. I kids definitely got the swimming bug and are already talking about next years goals!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

More 4th of July fun

4th of July

Every 4th of July our neighborhood has a big block party. We have water games, BBQ, bike/wagon decorating followed by a parade and finally the big fireworks show. Our kids look forward to it every year, so here are a few pics from that day.
We put a huge inflatable waterslide on a front yard. The grass is now dead, but the kids had a blast.

Saturday, July 7, 2007


Here is a few more pictures of our backyard.
It actually looks much better in person because the different colors are more vivid, but hopefully you can see how pretty it is now. We had a little trouble with the sprinklers on the grass, but we have remedied the issue and now it is recovering.

Thursday, July 5, 2007


One of the highlights of our summer has been our garden. We planted it in May and it is amazing to our whole family that it is actually still alive and producing. We have tomatoes, basil, mint, carrots, cucumbers, squash, red and green peppers, cantaloupe, pumpkins, sunflowers and our favorite watermelons.

Our kids get a kick out of going out there each morning to see what has grown bigger and what new growth has sprouted. Gracie especially loves it.
Here is just a cute picture of Bayden rolling around on the floor.

Wood Family Ranch

Hi All,

Well we thought we would get with the rest of the modern world and do the Blog thing. We think is it a great way to hopefully stay better connected to all of our family and friends. Since we are finding it difficult to contact each of you individually. Actually, the pics and stuff will probably only be interesting to us, so atleast we have a journal going since we don't do that very well either.

These are pictures from a recent visit to our Stake President's family ranch. We got to go up there one night with there family for FHE. We got to go horseback riding, do the zip line, have tractor rides and then have a very cool astronomy lesson as we looked at a lot of heavenly objects through his powerful telescope. As you can see our kids had a total blast!

Hope you are all having a great week!