Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Can we feed the DUCKIES?!?

Well I'm back among the living. I didn't realize how much I take good health for granted, but after the past 11 days of complete illness, I was so happy to wake up today and not feel like I was going to pass out! Mark knew the old girl had her groove back when I wanted a Chocolate Oreo milkshake and I felt like cleaning my house. It feels so good to be back to normal and to be able to run around and do things. The big happy news for this week is that Bayden learned to sit and crawl on his own. He has been working hard at it for months and this week was the magical week for both things to happen.

Here is a picture of Bayden sitting up for the first time this week.

We have had some fun little house guests with us the past three weeks! Our backyard has been invaded by Turkeys!!! Unfortunately, it has caused for some major vocabulary confusion for Gracie, who likes to refer to them as duckies. I tell her, "Not duckies, but Turkeys honey." and she just responds by saying, "I feed the DUCKIES?" Now whenever we see a picture of a Turkey she refers to it as a duck. I've given up the battle and I guess people will just have to think we are an uneducated bunch.

When I first saw them preening themselves outside on our back lawn, I thought it was so sweet and I told all of the kids to whisper, so they wouldn't fly away. They played out on the lawn and took naps and stayed for 3 to 4 hours. Later that evening I walked down there and saw they had pooped all over our grass and yard and had kicked bark all over the patio. I was so irritated with those little Turkey's, I almost started calling them Ducks.

We cleaned up the yard and then they came back a few days later. Gracie was all excited! Unlike the previous time, I sent the kids out to run and play as loud as they wished. When the turkeys didn't leave, I ran out there and started yelling and waving my arms so they would fly away. They just sat there completely unfazed by my presence and looked at me like I was a crazy girl. They didn't move an inch and stayed for another 3 hours.

Basically, I've given up the fight. We just clean the yard up every Saturday. I think hunting season isn't too far off, so if anyone is looking for an easy shot with comfortable hunting accommodations 836 Morton Way just might be the place for you!

Gracie on the back patio, prepping for her daily Turkey a.k.a. duckie feeding
Our little feathered friends.