Monday, November 26, 2007

Sweet Dreams Bambi

Well we are back from vacation and our wonderful visit to Gigi and Papa's house. We had a great time playing, eating and relaxing in the fabulous Las Vegas. Hopefully, I'll get myself organized and will be able to post some more pictures of our trip later on this week.

The second night we were in Vegas, Mark, his dad, his brother, Parker and Carson decided to ride up to Lee Canyon to go Deer Hunting. Please keep in mind I hate guns and don't buy them for my boys, and make Mark keep his guns at his dad's house. However, my boys have inherently known what to do with a gun since they could start walking. They turn everything into a gun, whether it is the spray bottle or a pair of chopsticks. They were so excited to go, I didn't see how I could deny them their fun. It was almost dark, so I wasn't too concerned about them actually getting anything. I should have known better.

I got the lovely phone call about an hour after dinner. Carson and Parker were both yelling into the phone, "We got a deer! Papa owes us $10 dollars. It was so AWESOME mom!" Awesome isn't quite the word that comes to my mind when I think about hunting and dead animals. I think it is a boy thing. I hope this picture doesn't gross you out too much. According to Mark, Parker and Carson were right in the action, seeing the deer before it was shot, and afterwards watching Papa and Uncle Steve clean it out. They didn't find it gross at all and loved shining their flashlights on the liver, stomach, intestines, and other internal organs. If nothing else, I guess it created a real life anatomy lesson for them. Should I be worried as a parent, that they now play Deer Hunting around the house, with Gracie as the deer?
Actually, my boys had a wonderful time with their Papa, dad and uncle. I don't think it would have mattered if they got a deer or not, but they just enjoyed their time together. They enjoyed the drive together, the treats and the conversation. The fact that they actually got a deer was total bonus. They made a great memory together. When we were driving home through South Lake Tahoe, Parker saw a deer and Carson said, "Shoot, I wish my Papa and Uncle Steve were here to see it." As for Papa, I think he would probably say his life is complete after hunting with his two sons, and two of his grandsons, in the mountains they love so much.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Birthday Boy Bayden!

I can't believe it, but yes it is true Bayden turned one on Saturday! I think time must go by more quickly the older you get because this past year has just flown by. I feel like we were just in the hospital with the little guy and now he is crawling all over the place.

Since our first, we have learned that one year olds don't remember or even appreciate big parties. I was going to do the birthday cake with the kids and call it good, but then they all started asking about his party. Although they all had wonderful suggestions which included, but were not limited to Chuckee Cheese, Disneyland and Jon's Incredible Pizza we were able to talk them into a small party with our cousins and dear friend Kristina Hall (we have adopted her as an auntie, actually it might be more of a stalking you'll have to ask her). We made Ali's famous chocolate cake and had a great time. Unfortunately Marina, Mike and their kids got the flu and couldn't make it, but we were lucky to have Melissa, Anthony, Lexi and London and Kristina here to celebrate.
About 2 months ago we weren't even sure the whole hand and face in the cake thing would work out for Bayden since he has a challenging time with textures and sensory issues. Lucky for us he has a fabulous Feeding Therapist who worked with him a lot the past 8 weeks to prepare him for the big day. My whole goal for him the past 2 months was that he would be able to stick his hands in the cake and enjoy it. I'm happy to report that like all Fellows, he loved the cake! Here are a few pics chronicling his first encounters with chocolate.