Thursday, February 21, 2008


One more thing I feel like I need to pass on! It is such a great deal, so I wanted to get the word out. Patelco Credit Union is currently offering an 8% savings account for minors ages 0-21. Yes, that is right 8%. There is a $1000 maximum and the 8% rate is guaranteed until the end of the year. You just need your child's ss# and your set to go. There is also unlimited withdrawals allowed throughout the year.

Additionally, they are also currently offering a 12 month cd for 7%. Again, there is a $1000 maximum. If you ask me with the way the market is performing, you can't beat the 8% savings account. I went and signed up my kids today! After explaining compounding interest to them, they are super motivated to earn and save money!

Check it out for yourselves at You may think eighty dollars in interst isn't that much, but I say every penny counts. Look at all of the great things you can get for $80 bucks. You could get 25 packages of chocolate mints from Trader Joes, 11 loaves of Great Harvest Bread, dinner and a movie, 20 Gotta Have It's from Coldstone, 1 really cozy blanket from Brookstone. The list could go on and on.

Good Counting!

I usually don't do a post unless I have a pic to go with it because frankly I think pictures make everything more interesting. However, since my primary reason for keeping the blog is to keep Grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins up to speed on our happenings and since this blog is going to have to count as my journal as well, I have to write down the following story.

Gracie and I just got through making a batch of muffins for her and Carson's birthday party tomorrow afternoon. She loves to help me cook! Anytime she hears me in the kitchen, she runs to the kitchen table and drags her chair over to the counter to help out. She likes to be the one responsible for pouring in all of the ingredients. Today we were measuring in the flour using a 1/2 cup, so I was counting out loud to keep track of the 3 cups required. When I got to the final cup and said, "Six!" Gracie looked up at me with the biggest smile and said, "Good counting MOM! I'm so proud of you!" I just about died laughing, but at the same time I wanted to cry that she was so sincerely proud of me. What a sweet little girl. I guess I need to count higher than my usual, "1, 2, 3!!!!" so she knows what I'm really capable of. I can't imagine what her expression might be then.

She is super excited for her party tomorrow. We went to pick up the pinata today, but we couldn't find a good unisex pinata, so I'm still on the hunt. Carson and Gracie planned out the party themselves. They wanted a bounce house, books, crafts and pinata.

We have the bounce house set to go in the living room (a great benefit to having no furniture) because of the rain. I'm going to dress up as Fancy Nancy and read that book to all of the kids and then let them dress up fancy. That is Gracie's all time favorite book! Mark doesn't know it yet, but I'm hoping he'll wear his yellow shirt and a big yellow hat and come as "The man in the yellow hat" and read Carson's favorite, Curious George. Don't you think that is a good idea? Please agree with me, so I can have some good ammunition for when I introduce the idea to him tonight!

We are going to make bookmarks, necklaces and puppets. For the party favors the kids picked out the book, If You Give a Moose a Muffin for each of their friends along with some yummy muffins! It should be pretty fun. I feel so bad they have had to wait this long for their party, but we seriously had something planned for every Friday up until now! I like to think we are just stretching out the celebration, right?

I'll let you know how it all goes hopefully with some pictures.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Barf Day!!!!

Despite being thrown up on at 3 a.m. on his Birthday or a.k.a. Barf Day, Carson managed to have a great day! In Carson's typical fashion, he was happy all day even when he was dunked in the tub in the middle of the night after he received his first gift from Gracie :-)

He got to open up his presents and got his requested breakfast of donuts, which got his day off to a better start! He picked the very delicious Loft House Cookies for his school treat and then topped off the day with a pancake dinner.

He doesn't consider it his real birthday because we haven't had the opportunity to have his birthday party yet! He keeps telling me things that are going to happen on his real birthday, so I guess I better get those invites out.
He is a sweetie pie. He was giving me the list of people he wants to invite to his party and this was a little conversation we had:
"Mom, you know Adam from my class?"


"He doesn't really have any friends, so I think I should invite him to my party. You know, he can't talk mom and I think that is the reason he doesn't have any friends." (most of you know that Carson attends a communicative handicap pre-school. Most kids can't talk, but he is just figuring that out, which is hilarious.)

"Okay, Carson that sounds like a great idea."

"I think it would be really cool if we taught him how to talk at the party, so when his mom comes to pick him up he can say, "Hi, MOM!" Wouldn't that be so cool Mom? I think he and his mom would be so excited!"

This little conversation made me smile all day. He is such a compassionate little soul. I love how he believes a speech problem can be cured in 1 1/2 hours at a birthday party. If only all problems could be solved that quickly and at a party too!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Back in the Saddle!

We have been bad bloggers as of late due to the many flu bugs which have visited our home. Just as we seem to be getting better, another one stops by for a visit. Gracie has a new one this week. Mark and I were having a grand time last night at 3 a.m. cleaning up both her and Carson. It was actually quite funny and I haven't stopped laughing all day. It might be a little too graphic for the blog, so if you want the details give me a call and I'll share.

Despite the illness we have still managed to have a fun and busy January. One of the highlights of course was Gracie's 3rd birthday! She was so happy the entire day. In fact, I had never seen her that happy all day long! She kept saying how pretty everything was and how cute and how much she loved it. She loved all of the messages that involved people singing to her. She walked around the house all day with her crown on and singing the song in the video clip.

Today is Carson's birthday, so we hope to squeeze in a little celebrating between the barfs! I'll let you know how it goes.