Thursday, March 27, 2008

An Apple a Day...

One of Carson's many attempts to loosen his tooth from its perch!

Carson discovered his first loose tooth last week. He came into the kitchen that morning and firmly instructed me to pack and apple and a pear in his lunch. He went onto say that all he wanted to eat until his tooth fell out were hard apples. He stuck with this new diet for about 3 days, which isn't bad for a kid who doesn't really like apples or pears, especially whole.

Sadly for him, his tooth is still firmly planted. I'm happy if it takes a little while because once they start losing their teeth it is the beginning of the end. He is anxious to grow up because he talks about it all the time, but I love him at this age and would freeze time if I could. I love listening to him play and watching him discover new things. He is a happy, happy soul! He will be really HAPPY when that tooth falls out, so I'll keep you posted.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter

Annual Neighborhood Egg Hunt
Bayden caught onto the idea very quickly, but he quit as soon as he had an egg w/candy
Miss M Easter morning
Parker being silly.
Carson and his friend Emme
Gracie in front of the tulips
Bay on another egg(candy) hunt.
Kathryn, Gracie, Carson & Emme
Easter morning=bed head
Gracie, a fierce competitor

We had a fabulous Spring Break last week capped off by a great Easter yesterday! Mark and I and the kids were thrilled to have a break from our everyday schedules, no school, no piano, no piano practice, no therapies (okay only 3), and no swim team. It was great. We slept in and stayed up late watching movies and playing games.
Each day I planned a different activity for the kids. On Monday we woke up with a visit from Lucky the Leprechaun. He turned our pennies into gold chocolate coins and left some green treats along with his Lucky charms cereal for the kids. Later that day we had play dates with our friends. On Tuesday we made our pilgrimage to our beloved Chuckee Cheese. When everyone was sufficiently over-stimulated we came home and had play dates with more friends. We topped off the night with an American Idol party. Parker was sad that David Hernandez is gone, but I think he also really likes David A. McCall is still deciding on her favorite, but her teacher thinks David A. will take home the big prize.

On Wednesday we went miniature golfing. It was interesting to say the least. I pretty much chased Bayden everywhere, while Gracie kept hitting her balls into the water. I'm glad I wore a short sleeved shirt because I was doing a lot of digging in water. The kids had a great time. Afterwards we picked up some lunch and went to the park for 2 hours. Gracie and Bayden took great naps that day. Later that night both Parker and McCall got invited to separate movie parties where they both watched the movie Enchanted. Mark and I had fun at home with the littles. Okay this little itinerary is getting long and boring and probably no one is really interested in what we did all week, so I'll speed it up. We also got to see Horton Here's a Who, a really fun movie for both kiddos and adults to enjoy.

On Friday the Easter festivities began. We had a great time at our friend's annual Easter Party where the sugar high began and still hasn't ended. On Saturday we got ready for our big Neighborhood Egg Hunt. The Easter Bunny picked up our eggs and hid 37 dozen eggs throughout our whole neighborhood. We all met at our house at 7:45 a.m. on Sunday morning. It is a fun tradition that we do each year with all of our neighbors. We usually do a brunch afterwards, but this year our church starts at 9:00, so we had to skip that part this year.

McCall got to sing in a girls choir on Sunday and she did a great job. After church we came home and had dinner at our house with three other families from church and then we had another big egg hunt. There was lots of yummy food and way too much candy.

Today I spent the day picking up fake grass (I'm convinced whoever invented that stuff never had to clean a house), stealing candy from the kids Easter baskets (mini cadbury's only come around at Easter and who can pass up a recess egg?) and trying to match the plastic egg tops to their bottoms. I cannot believe Easter has already come and gone. After each holiday, I reluctantly pack up the boxes and hold onto my happy memories until the next holiday when new ones are added. We hope you all had a great Easter too! Here a few pics from this past week( Elizabeth H. you are just going to have to cringe at the poor photography until you are able to teach me how to take better pics :-) Nothing compares to your great pictures and I'm waiting for your tips.

Mom: Here is a picture of the front of our house with all of the kids from the neighborhood egg hunt. You can't really see the new paint job very well, but I have been promising to post a pic for you. At least you can kind of get an idea.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Full Throttle Walks!!!!

Bayden with his fabulous PT Cynthia on the big day.

Bayden taking a celebratory dive in the ball pit.

Well I feel bad that I haven't gotten this written down earlier, but I figure better late than never and I do want it documented for Bayden when he is older. We have had so many important events in the past two months, that just haven't been recorded yet. I will start in chronological order and try to make my way through them in the next week.

Bayden or more affectionately known as "Full Throttle" is walking and has been since the end of January!!!! He was dubbed the name "Full Throttle" by Mark's parents who were out here visiting a few weeks ago and noticed how busy he is and how he always seems to be going and doing things 100 mph. It has stuck with him and we laugh every time we call him that. I think he secretly likes the name.

On Tuesday, January 22nd I had taken him to his physical therapist for one of his regular PT appointments. I stood him up and he looked at her really serious and then very slowly and methodically he took 8 steps!!! Not bad for his first try. He was so determined and it took him about 45 seconds to accomplish the task, but he never fell or stopped. It was fantastic. He was so encouraged by our display of antics (screaming, clapping, cheering, crying!!!) that he just kept wanting to try over and over again to walk. This went on for about 10 minutes and then he was completely worn out and found the slide and a ball to better occupy his time. Eventually he ended up in the ball pit. I think it was his belated birthday gift to me! His therapist and I were so thrilled and we both shared a good cry with each other.

He didn't want to try walking again for about two weeks after that, but then on Carson's birthday he decided he wanted to give it a try again, so on Feb. 6th, off he went. Since that day we can't slow him down. He LOVES walking and can't seem to get where he wants to go fast enough.

The best news is that by reaching this milestone he is well within normal development now and we found out last week that he no longer has to go twice a week to PT, but only once a month for developmental checks. YIPEE!!!!! We are all so happy and proud of Bayden. His Physical Therapist always would tell me what a hard worker he was and what a strong and determined soul he is. I think his strong spirit has been a definite benefit to him so far...we'll see how Mark and I feel about it when he's a teenager!!

Here are a few pics from that day and a few video clips too. Sorry about the squeaky voice, I don't know what happens to me when I'm talking to babies, but my voice transforms into the most annoying sound. The video is also a little shaky because I was filming and trying to catch him at the same time.

Leather...always a great choice!!!!

Well we just completed day 9 of barfing at our house. This is the 3rd time in 2 months we have been hit with the flu. This time it was just the barfs, so not too bad. These recent bouts of the flu have caused me to appreciate the fabric choices we have made in furniture and I want to share a little wisdom with my siblings and friends who are just starting out their little families.

LEATHER IS ALWAYS A GOOD CHOICE! I must admit that it wasn't my first choice! We went with the brushed cotton first because we preferred the look, but after two kids we quickly learned that it showed every little runny nose, sticky finger and anything else that landed on it. We quickly changed our minds and switched it out for Leather. As Parker overshot the bowl on Wednesday and everything landed on the couch, I just thought,"I'm so glad we have leather!" You just wipe, disinfect and go. Unless you prefer the look of plastic slip covers, go with the Leather and save your sanity.

The only one who missed this round is McCall, so I'm hoping we are done and that we can enjoy the rest of our Spring break. We hope you all have a great week too!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Spring Skiing!!!

We had a great week this past week having Gigi and Papa out here for a visit. They helped us out so much and allowed us do some things we don't normally get to do. They also helped me through the very PAINFUL process of selecting paint for the outside of our house. I'm sure our poor painter has never met a more undecisive girl!!! Luckily, I can say the 4th time was the charm. After painting the front of the house four times, I finally knew what I liked. Everytime I see him, I feel the need to apologize, the poor soul. I think he is thrilled with the prospect of being done with this painting job and so am I. I don't want to make anymore difficult decisions.

Definitely one of the highlights this week was taking the kids skiing. Carson headed up to Tahoe with us for his first attempt at skiing. He LOVED it!!!! He was laughing the entire day. By the end of the day, he could make it half way down the bunny slope without falling. Of course, he would just tuck and go doing a total Gonzo, so I was a more frightened for the other skiers. McCall and Parker had a great day as well. They are getting more confident and after deciding they had mastered Sugar and Spice, they had a great time exploring other runs. The weather was perfect (a must for this warm weather girl) and there were zero crowds. We also had no worries about Bayden and Gracie because we knew they were having just as much fun at home getting spoiled by Gigi and Papa. Here are a few pics and a quick video of our day.