Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cheesecake Anyone!

Since I come from long line of Cheesecake Factory lovers, I feel it is my duty to pass on the happy news. My friend Dianna informed me that today is the 30th anniversary of the Cheesecake Factory. To celebrate they are offering slices of cheesecake at the 1978 price, which was $1.50. What a bargain for a little slice of heaven. So if you live near a Cheesecake Factory, make your pilgrimage there today. I'm making Mark pick some up on his way home for work, I think we will call it dinner tonight.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July

Daydreaming on the boat

We had another fun and busy week last week. It was great to have Mark home with us on Friday for the 4th of July instead of at work. It was great to have it fall on a Friday so we had a long weekend together.

The week started out with swim team practice and doctor appointments. I've finally got it figured out that my life is somewhat simplified when I schedule all of our Dr. Appts. for the same week, so we all know what to expect and then we get them all taken care of until the next 2 months. Bayden of course never thinks the doctor is a good idea and usually starts screaming before we make it into the waiting room. We made a visit to his Peds G.I. specialist on Monday. If any medical students need a good specialty, I would suggest Pediatric Gastroenterologist or Pediatric Endocrinology and then relocating to the N. Cal area. There is only two of the former and one of the latter in our whole area! Because we only have two GI's the wait is usually very long...3 hours in a very boring waiting room. No toys, no aquarium, etc. It is even boring for me because the only magazines they have it Hot Rod and Auto Zone. I think I have become a specialist in waiting rooms and I would have some great suggestions for the office manager. Luckily, our Doc is the best and her enthusiasm is contagious. She makes me feel like a rock star, always so complimentary. She also makes you think you can conquer the world. I love her for that. She has twin boys that are the same age as Bayden, so she is also very realistic about what a parent can/can't actually do :-) It was a good day, we only had to wait 50 minutes and we all left happy.

McCall's 1st dinner attempt...yummy German Pancakes

On Wednesday, McCall got to participate in a cooking class that my sweet friend Tammi put together for a few girls in the neighborhood. McCall has wanted to take a cooking class for so long, so she was super excited! Each week they are going to focus on a different meal. The first lesson was breakfast! This is a favorite meal at our house. She learned to make German Pancakes and asked if it would be okay if she made them for dinner. The thought of not having to make dinner for one night was fabulous. She did a great and they were a hit with everyone. Of course what isn't good with powdered sugar and maple syrup. Seriously, I was impressed and I thought I could really get use to someone else cooking dinner every once in awhile. From the pic, you can see that McCall took a lot of satisfaction in her end product.

After dinner I surprised McCall and took her on a Mother/Daughter date to Borders then off to see the new American Girl movie, "Kit Kittredge". I felt bad leaving the boys behind, but they'll get their turn next week. The movie was cute, I probably enjoyed it as much as McCall. After the movie we went and got hot fudge sundaes to end our night together. It was really fun to be together and chat about her goals and dreams.

Because we knew we would have a long weekend ahead of us we thought it would be the perfect weekend to paint the boys room. Yes, my boys have been living in a cotton candy pink room for 3 years. Poor boys, they have been so patient. I picked up the paint and got the furniture moved out, so that when Mark got home we could tape it and get painting Thursday night. I had a meeting scheduled for our church at our home until 10:00. Of course, time got away from me and I didn't get the room taped before Mark got home, but he was a good sport and got it finished. He started painting while I had my meeting and then I joined him at 10:45 to finish it up. We got the whole 1st coat painted by 1:30 a.m. We were surprised it went by so quickly. The boys picked out a great blue and we think it looks great...much better than pink. Parker and Carson were thrilled when they woke up the next morning and saw it all painted.

Bayden taking it easy
Friday morning we went over to our neighbors house for a fun 4th of July pancake breakfast. We all had a lot of fun together and the breakfast was so yummy. It was great way to start our day and gave us some good energy to finish up our painting job. We came home and finished up the second coat. The only bummer was the paint store didn't match the ceiling color correctly, so we ended up having to repaint the entire ceiling.

Inter-tubing fun by Parker, Carson and Devry

Later in the afternoon we headed up to Meadow Vista to Grandpa and Grandma Millett's house for our annual 4th of July fun. I felt a little guilty going there this year because Grandpa Millett was in the hospital recovering from surgery. They live on beautiful Combi Lake and it is always such a fun and relaxing time while we are there. There home and property is a kids paradise (an adult one too!) As soon as we got there we unloaded all of our chairs/towels/coolers onto the meadow and then loaded all of the kids onto the boat.

Marks, Carson and Bay

The kids were all anxious to go on the inter tube. Parker and Carson are my speed/thrill seekers. McCall likes a more leisurely ride while Gracie and Bayden are still getting use to the idea of being pulled behind a boat while water laps up into their faces. The water was really warm and surprisingly it wasn't crowded at all. There were just a few boats out. Of course no boating excursion would be complete without our favorite Turtle Bars, so we ate our fair share of those and chips as we took turns skiing, wake boarding and paddle boating. We took our last ski runs at 8:30. Denise offered to go sit with our kids while Mark and I got to go on a Sea Doo ride sans kiddies. It was sooooooooooo fun! It was such a beautiful time of night and we had the whole lake practically to ourselves. I could have stayed out there much longer than the 20 minutes we allowed ourselves.

Devry and McCall

Because of all of the fires there were no fireworks, so we headed up to the house to grill our dinner. It was a great way to end our wonderful day. Eating a delicious dinner with some of our best friends. The kids were wiped out as we headed home about 11:00.

The rest of the weekend was spent finishing up the boys room and gardening in the backyard. On Sunday we got to have our good friends the Halls over for dinner and lively game of Carson's favorite game, Zooreka! We hated to see the weekend come to an end.

Sleeping babies as we pulled into home