Monday, September 22, 2008

Harry Potter Fever!

Yes, we've finally caught it. I know it is hard to believe that such a "book loving" family like we are and we haven't caught Harry Potter fever until NOW! It started about 4 weeks ago when McCall and I were having a conversation and we came to the conclusion that at some point in time we would have to read the Harry Potter series. We understand that although we are not fantasy girls (we prefer historical fiction or a great mystery) in order to understand the societal phenomenon we would have to read them. This would allow us to participate more readily in the many conversations that revolve around the Harry Potter books and movies.

Although we came to this conclusion together, I was not eager to read them. However, McCall opted to get the torture out of the way and started the next day on book #1. I should rephrase that, started and finished book #1 the next day. She loved it and was officially hooked! She read book 2 the next day and book 3 the day after that. Fortunately for me and her piano practicing we didn't own the other 4. We were able to get the other 4 a few days later and she has whizzed through them all.

Soon the fever spread to Parker. He asked me if I would read him the first book. We started one night at bedtime and I ended on page 9. The next morning he asked if it would be okay if he took it to school and read a few pages ahead. When he came home he was on page 101! Nice, that isn't my definition of a few pages (it also made me wonder what they are doing all day in school). That was the last day I read to Parker from Harry Potter and he is now almost finished with book #3. I guess he decided my pace wasn't fast enough for him. This picture depicts what I have found every afternoon for the past 2 weeks on my sofa. Faces glued to books unable to focus or hear anything else but the imaginative tales of JK Rowling.

When I can pry them away from their reading it is off to the Hogwarts wizard school. I watch from the kitchen window as all five kids participate in Spell School and Magic Wand Training. Potions have been brewed, spells have been cast, Quitich has been played and on and on and on goes the wizardry fun!

Wizard Training on the Trampoline

I sit there finding myself a bit jealous! I have no clue what they are talking about, but they are all having so much fun and I don't understand any of it. They are lost in the fantastic world of make-believe where anything is possible (Gracie just saved the kids from the evil squirrel monster, by casting her latest spell. ) Although Carson, Gracie and Bay aren't old enough to read or have read to them the books, McCall and Parker have done an amazing job of explaining the plot and story lines that have them all so excited. They know so much about the characters and plots you would have thought they read the books.

Last night as I was tucking Gracie into bed, she said, "Do you know what I want for Christmas mommy?" "No Gracie, what?" I replied. "A Harry Potter book!!!!" "Can I watch Harry Potter tomorrow?" she went onto say. She then through a royal fit when I told her she was way too young to be watching Harry Potter and she would have to wait until she was 8. She began to explain to me why it was so important to her and how much she loved each of the characters. I was amazed at how much she already knew about Mr. Potter.

I guess the main reason for this post is to let McCall and Parker know that I have decided to join society. You two have me all excited and very curious about a little guy named Harry Potter. I want to join your Harry Potter club and see what the craze is all about. I won't be able to read them as quickly as you, but I'm ready to get started and see if Ms. Rowling can cast her spell on me.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Gracie is happy again!

7 doctor copays........$140

11 prescriptions........$230

2 bottles of Tylenol, 1 package of Mucinex and 1 bottle of Motrin.........$17.33

4 Jamba Juices........$21.03
Pasta e Fagioli Soup from Olive Garden.....$23.19

Everybody finally sleeping through the night and Gracie happy again..........PRICELESS!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Parker's Baptism

Parker got baptized on Saturday! I'm so sleepy right now and should probably just go to bed, but I wanted to get these pictures of Parker on his baptism day up for our family to see. It was a great week and I hated to see it come to an end. We were lucky to have both sets of Grandparents in town for the big day. They were a tremendous amount of help as we got everything all ready for his baptism and dinner afterwards.

Because we also had three soccer games that day, things got a little hectic and I didn't get that many pictures. I'm going to have to make everyone dress in the same outfits again this weekend, so I can get some pictures :-) Anyway, it was a great day. Parker really is as sweet as they come and he had the biggest smile on his face all day long. He is so easy to love. Here are a few pics from his special day.

Unfortunately, Gracie got really sick on Saturday night and it spread throughout the rest of the family by Monday morning. After 4 visits to the doctor on Monday, it was confirmed that all 7 of us have Strep throat! Oh well, I choose a sore throat and high fever over the barfs any day! It is a great excuse to indulge in a lot of Ben and Jerry's. Also my kids are very cuddly when their sick and I love to sit and rock them. I could do without the nighttime wakings, but overall I'm okay with the strep thing as long as it doesn't last too long, so I can eventually get some laundry done and some sleep.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Leading the Opening Ceremonies Parade
Of course Bayden had to hang with the big boys
The sign that greeted our athletes
My favorite little Gold Medalist
A sweet group of boys.

It is no secret that our family has been super obsessed with the Olympics. We stayed up too late every night watching all of these incredible athletes compete, so it made perfect sense for Parker's birthday to be Olympic themed. Although we would have loved to have actually gone to the real Olympics in Beijing, we had to settle for a little taste of them at our house.

The kids and I had a great time planning this party together. They were really creative in thinking up all of the events which included the Discus Throw, 50 Yard Dash, Steeple Chase Obstacle Course, Archery, Gunny Sack Relay, and Basketball. They helped create the banners and gold medals and even came up with some great ideas for the goody bags. Parker had each boy create their own country name and flag upon arrival and then we had our Opening Ceremony. After the opening ceremony, the games began. I didn't realize however, how competitive a group of 16 eight year olds can be. WOW! They were super intense, but they were also really fun. In the end Team Phelps and Team Morgan had a tie, so naturally everyone earned a gold medal (did you really think I would let one team win?)

Although we are sad that the real (and semi-real) Olympics are over, it feels good to be productive again at night instead of glued to the TV! I now understand why they are only every two years. Parker had a great time at his party and has already started planning for next year.