Friday, September 25, 2009

Hogwarts School of Wizards

Parker finally got to have his long awaited birthday bash! He and McCall had been planning it for months and if I do say so myself they came up with some pretty creative ideas. McCall took on the role of Professor McGonagall and welcomed the 25 boys (yes 25 that is not a typo) and 2 girl wizards to the party. For such a shy little boy, he really has a lot of friends. When the kids first arrived McCall welcomed them to the Great Hall and we did the sorting house to find out which house they belonged to. Next it was time for spells class and their Hogwart wands. Then it was on to a lively match of Quidditch.
Quidditch was a little too intense for my taste, so Mark took over that activity while I ended up setting up the science experiments for the Transfiguration class.

Of course Bay had to participate in every activity. After Quidditch he was hot and sweaty.
It took a lot of pizzas and watermelon to feed all of those cute kids, but everyone was all smiles.

Parker with his cute Harry Potter cupcakes. I didn't get a cute close up picture, but they were darling. My friend found them on a website and then came over and helped me replicate them.

Parker had a great evening with his friends. He is really blessed with some sweet friends. I was proud of him and McCall for putting together such a fun party and we had a great time working on it together.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Couple of Visits from the Tooth Fairy

Carson came to us a couple days after school started to let us know that his front tooth was REALLY loose. This was big news for our boy who has waited patiently while the rest of the world (or at least those in his Kindergarten/1st Grade world) lost their teeth.

He has tried everything to coax those suckers out including, but not limited to, eating only apples for a day, tying string to his teeth and then trying to attach the other end to a door knob, wiggling them back and forth over and over and over again. You can imagine the look on his sweet face when he came to tell me the big news. Of course I think it is all a little sad to see his sweet little baby face not look quite so baby anymore with missing teeth and then big adult teeth coming in. I inspected the tooth and sure enough it was really loose. He kept wiggling it, so I grabbed him and took him outside to snap a picture to remember that sweet little face before his tooth came out.

I'm sure glad I did because the next day when he walked in from school, this was the sweet (can I use the word sweet one more time?) little smile that greeted me.
Testing out the new open space in his mouth.
He even got a special little tooth holder from his teacher at school. He didn't quite understand the whole "tooth fairy takes the tooth and then gives you money concept", so a few tears were shed later that night because he really wanted to keep his tooth (sick!). He also really wanted the tooth fairy to come, so McCall suggested we write her a note asking her to please leave the tooth and the money. Luckily, the tooth fairy is a sucker for this little one so he got to keep the tooth and got some money too. I might add that I was quite impressed the tooth fairy made it on the first evening.
I only had 5 days to get use to his new little smile, when he came home last week with an even bigger smile than the first time and a bigger gap...his other tooth fell out at school.
Whoa, he was excited as you can see from his expression below.

One more shot because he was so thrilled. This time he lost the tooth before it could be placed under his pillow, so another memo was sent to the Tooth Fairy which read like this, "Tooth lost, please leave me money!"Who wouldn't leave this little face money? Can you tell I'm in love?