Sunday, February 14, 2010

Gracie is 5!

A bit over due I must admit, but considering we just had her birthday party on Thursday I think I will draw out the celebration just a wee bit longer with this post. Ever since I got hit with the Swine Flu in October, I've had a hard time getting caught up on life (or at least that is my excuse for this year.) However, I didn't want the entire year to pass by without taking a few moments to record important memories and more importantly important impressions of my sweet kiddos. Unfortunately, McCall and Bayden got the short end of the stick last year and I just might have to sneak in some pictures and favorite things from their birthdays. For now though, let's talk about this little angel girl...Gracie.
McCall and our good friend Kristina made her the giant cupcake (which she had a hard time resisting all day long) and I made her favorite chocolate cake! We had a little family dinner party the night before her big day with some close family friends of her choosing!
Here she is with her second family and mother, the Millett's. They get that Gracie is a fancy girl, so that is what her present was all about.

We all had to wake up bright and early to get all of our birthday festivities in! Carson came through with a Giant Fancy Nancy board game, while Bayden (with help from me) provided her with the not so exciting sweater.

Fortunately, McCall came through with an outfit for her Fancy Nancy doll, so we were back to our Fancy Nancy day! (I love the hair on these two! Get these girls a brush.)

Mark had an early morning meeting to head out to, but not before Gracie requested her morning hug and kiss. Her day was off to a great start!

Next we made our way over to her pre-school, Bright Beginnings for a fun packed morning of art and play. I got to be snack mom and Gracie requested we make yogurt parfaits with fresh raspberries and strawberries, granola and whipping cream on top. She chose Blueberry muffins as her birthday treat to share with her classmates (I would have chosen something chocolate.) Here she is with her teacher Miss Debbie (she is the best!)
Reading her birthday interview with her classmates before she gets to pick a toy from the prized birthday basket.
And even though we have 20,001 and stuffed animals already cohabitating in our home, can you guess what she picked?

That's right, another one! A Snoopy dog! After school we spent the afternoon together with Bayden playing games, doing puzzles and having her favorite soup and salad for lunch. After soccer practice she requested the very gourmet birthday dinner of chili and fritos on a tray in front of the T.V. We rented the new Tinkerbell movie (which I can't remember the name of) and watched that together. It got a bit scary towards the end, so they all ended up in one little corner of the couch together huddling together for protection.

She wanted to wear something really special to bed, so this is what she came up with. Of course we couldn't stop laughing.
She anxiously awaited the 2 1/2 weeks for her birthday party (primary activities and sports got in the way of having it sooner.) Here she is waiting for her guests to arrive at her Princess Birthday Party.

Again, she selected and was very particular about the outfit she wanted to wear...a dress that McCall once wore as a flower girl in a wedding. She's been eyeing that sucker all year and finally found the perfect event to wear it to.

Here is the party group. She LOVES the little boy in the bright blue shirt sitting next to her. In her eyes the sun rises and sets on Mason.
The first gift she opened was a princess nightgown that she had to change into immediately. Here she is opening up a few of her gifts.
The five things I love most about Gracie are
1. She is fair, even if it doesn't work to her advantage. She tries to keep things fair with everyone even if it means she has to sacrifice a bit.
2. She loves food and has very adult taste buds. She loves Steak salad with bleu cheese, Reuben sandwiches, Chinese food, curry, and hummus just to name a few. Considering I didn't like any of these items until my late twenties, I think it is amazing she has such a love and appreciation for good food and since I love food naturally I love this about her.
3. I love how excited she gets to learn new things. Today she learned how to ride her bike without her training wheels and it was a huge thrill for her. She loves going to school and is always anxious to learn new things.
4. I love the questions she asks. She is very inquisitive and isn't afraid to ask about any and everything. If I use a word or phrase that she doesn't understand she ALWAYS asks, what does that mean? And then immediately tries to use it in a sentence herself.
5. I love her hugs and kisses. I can never escape out the door (even to take the trash out) without her saying, "Let me give you a big hug and kiss first." I love them and I hope she will always give them to me as freely as she does now.
Happy Birthday Gracie, I think five will be your best year yet! We love you!