Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Young Women's Broadcast

McCall and I just got back from a wonderful weekend in Salt Lake. We headed up there for the Young Women's broadcast and to support our sweet niece Emily. You see Emily was the cute girl who said the opening prayer and we were beyond excited to be there with her.

We landed on Friday early afternoon and were picked up by my parents at the airport. We made our pilgrimage to Cafe Rio for a very yummy lunch. It was so fun to be together with McCall and my parents. Because we flew out of San Francisco and we had to get up at 2 a.m. to get to the airport in time for our very early flight, we then went back to my parents and crashed. Okay, I was actually the only one who crashed, but I was awoken by the cheerful squeals of McCall and her cousin Abby upon seeing each other for the first time. We decided a girls night was in order and we went up to Kingsbury Hall with Lisa, Abby, my mom, McCall and I to see the play, "The Boxcar Children". It was so fun to just be together. After the play we headed to Amber's house to check out her darling house and to get all caught up on each others lives. McCall and Abby had a sleepover that night at Grandma's where I heard them still chatting when I finally went to bed at 12:15.

Saturday we got the fun opportunity to go and watch Emily at her volleyball tournament. I forgot my camera all day Friday, so I made sure I had it for Saturday. Here is a picture of McCall and Emily at her tournament...I know McCall is tall. Emily was one awesome volleyball player and her team made it to the finals. After the tournament we made our way down to Cedar Hills to visit with the rest of the Lewis clan. McCall was in Heaven! She loved playing with all of her cousins. Gigi was also there, so that is always a treat to spend time with her too.
In the late afternoon my niece Brooklynn came and she, Gigi, McCall and I headed up to Salt Lake for the broadcast. Michele, Chad and the girls had already headed up there. Here is Gigi, with Brooklynn and McCall. Brooklynn is a freshman at BYU this year, so I had fun reliving my freshman year as I listened to her experiences from this past year.
Here is McCall and I in front of the Conference Center.
Here are the ladies inside the Conference Center. This was the first time for both McCall and I to be inside the Conference Center which resulted in me taking pictures from all angles with McCall's little camera.
McCall really looks up to Brooklynn, so she really enjoyed her special time with her. I'm grateful Brooklynn is such a good girl and thus a such a positive role model for my girls.
Here are two other girls that McCall really looks up to, both literally and figuratively (I know I'm totally cracking myself up right now). She loves Emily and Sara and had a great time with them. It was just an amazing meeting. Great prayers, music and talks! It was so fun to sit so close and be with family.
Afterwards we went out to dinner, but I was more interested in eating than taking pictures so I have none. McCall had a sleep over with her cousin Abby on Saturday night once we got home.

On Sunday we went to church with my parents and then my sweet mom hosted a Sunday dinner at her home so I could see all of my siblings who live in Utah except for one! I even got to visit some more with my cute Grandma. Here she is loving on the lovely Emmy.
I think McCall really enjoyed all of the attention she got. Here she is with my dad and her cousin Olivia.
McCall and her cousin Abby. It was quite sad when they had to finally part ways.
McCall with her Great Grandma McLeod a.k.a. Honey. I seriously can't get over how great she looks and gets around for 95!
McCall and I had to duke it out for baby loving time. She won at this particular moment. She loved holding Emmy and I did too.
Seriously, isn't she a total cutie pie.
Here my sister Jen with her step-daughter Faith, Emmy and McCall.
McCall with Aunt Amber and Uncle Roger! Amber hooked her up with the cutest bag that she ditched her backpack for and now uses everyday for school. Thanks Meebs!
Her she is getting a kissandwich from Kyle and Hailey! We were laughing hard over this one.
Here we are together with my parents at dinner!
I told you it was sad when these girls had to say goodbye. We didn't want to leave, but we were also missing our little family back home too, early on Monday morning we packed up and headed back to sunny California! It was a fantastic weekend and we will always remember this special weekend together.

Monday, March 14, 2011


I still have to write about Carson's birthday party, but I didn't want to get to far behind on the other happenings around here. Here is a condensed version of the past 10 days. Carson had his school talent show. He played the piano and chose the song In The Cotton Fields. He was nervous, but he did great!
It made it more fun to have his little friend Brooke there with him. They played one right after the other!
The next night we had the beloved Pine Wood Derby! Seriously folks it is intense at our house around derby time. Mark and I were scrambling to finish these babies. Mark phoned at 6:15 on the evening of the derby to let me know his meeting went over and I would have to finish assembly the cars. Yep, I was attaching wheels at 6:20 and weights at 6:30 praying the whole time that they would make it down the track without falling apart. Here are the two beauty's.
As you can see Parker wasn't very confident in my craftsmanship abilities either. He had to close his eyes during the first race!
Meanwhile Carson and Bay put out a cheer that their car made it to the end of the race.
Believe it or not we came out victorious in the end. Maybe there is something to be said for procrastination and last minute assembly, although I wouldn't recommend it!

With the derby over we could focus our energy on other fun pursuits. Mark took Parker and some friends to the Golden State Warriors game. I gave Parker a camera and instructed him to take a ton of photos, this is about all I got! At least is was more than I got from Carson who a few days later got to go to the Sacramento King's game with Mark for a special dad date.
This is the only picture I got from him. The inside of Mark's car on the way to the arena!
Luckily Mark came through for me by snatching a picture on his phone of Carson and Sampson together otherwise I would have thought they spent the whole night in his car.
Last Thursday the kids played hookie from school and went skiing with Mark. It was just the right medicine for Mark...too bad the doctor didn't order it sooner. He had a great day with the kids relaxing and soaking up the fresh mountain air. Here is Carson on the ski lift.
McCall and Carson making there way down the mountain. It got so windy, they actually had to close one of the chair lifts!
We used our bad influence to pressure our sweet little friend Devry into cutting school and joining the kids up on the slopes. The more the merrier!
Warming up inside the lodge.
A big component of a great ski day is yummy food, so naturally my kids look forward to lunchtime.
Thursday night they came home and I packed up and headed to Salt Lake City at 5 a.m. the next morning for my sister Jen's sealing to her husband Ron! It was a quick, but super fun trip. I got to have a whole afternoon with my parents all to myself. I don't know if that has ever happened in my entire life and I have to say it was pretty great! We went to lunch and then we went and hung out with my cute Grandma for several hours. Let's just say I hope I look and feel as good as she does at 95! It was so fun to hang out with her and her chocolate supply. The first part of the evening was spent with my sister Lisa and her family. We made homemade pizza's together and quickly caught up on each others lives. It was then back to my parents to meet up with Kyle, Haley and their cute little kids including their new little one, Emmy! We listened to the BYU game and cheered on my favorite player, Jimmer! He is amazing! How about those 52 points?

The next day we headed to the temple in Draper for the sealing. It was neat to go to a temple I've never been to before. We had a lovely day there. Here is Jen, Ron and my parents afterwards at the family luncheon.
Here is Roger, Lisa, Mindy and Mike. Just a few of the fun people I got to hang out with.
Matt and Collette were there too and it was great to sit with them at lunch and share funny stories about our kids.
Here I am with my sisters, minus Kim! She couldn't make it up this weekend and we sure missed her. Everyone got the memo about black except for Amber j/k. It was so fun to all be together.
And the real star of the weekend....beautiful little Emmy. I got to hold her and love on her all Friday night. It was great! She is so cute! After the luncheon I made a quick dash back to Mindy and Mike's house for some chocolate and a change and then Kyle transported me down to Mom and Dad's and then sweet Amber transported me to the airport. I had a layover in Las Vegas for a few hours where I cheered on Jimmer, but to no avail they lost terribly, so sad.
I made it home by 10:00 just in time to get church clothes laid out for Sunday. Sunday was a booked day with church meetings all day long, choir practice, and a fireside! Even though I was only gone a two days, I sure missed my little family a ton. It is good to be home. Well I must run we have swim and Parker's basketball party on the agenda for tonight!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Carson's Baptism

The day that Carson has long awaited finally came on February 12th, his baptism day. He had it planned out months in advance right down to the blue number 8 cookies he wanted for part of his refreshments. He asked me to take him to lunch at the beginning of January so he could tell me his big plans. He wanted Parker to give a talk on Baptism, McCall to give a talk on the Holy Ghost, Gracie to sing the song, Faith and Bayden to say the closing prayer. After a little negotiating on my part, he allowed me to say the opening prayer. He had the opening and closing songs picked out and a list a mile long of the different goodies he wanted served afterwards. He knew exactly who he wanted to invite and who he hoped would be there. I did my best to make sure it was just as he requested.

So when the day finally came, you can imagine how hard it was to contain his energy and excitement. You can see the excitement in his eyes as he and Bayden got ready that morning!
I got all of my boys together for a picture before we headed up to the church. Mark was less than thrilled, but I don't think he was feeling very well so we'll cut him some slack.
He was lucky enough to have both sets of his wonderful grandparents to support and love him on this special day.
We grabbed a quick picture of all of the Fellows Boys in front of the Temple.
My sweet Uncle Bruce made the trek from Pleasanton to be with Carson on his special day.
My beautiful sister Kim, flew up from LA to support Carson as well. My kids adore her and Carson felt so important that she flew here to be with him.
Of course everyone in our little family was also there to support and love him. His brother's and sisters had worked hard the weeks leading up to his baptism working on their talks, making him a special blanket and learning songs. It made me so grateful that they have each other for siblings because they are so good to one another.
I noticed how much Carson just wanted to be by his dad. I was able to snap this picture of them at the temple before we walked next door to the meeting house where he would be baptized.
Aunt Fun, I mean Aunt Kim and her posse. Kids love her and my kids couldn't get enough of her!
Another picture of Carson and Mark in their baptismal clothing.
I like to call this next series of pictures the "disappearing cookie". As I scrolled through the pictures I took that day I was laughing at the fact that his cookie got incrementally smaller with each picture taken. We start out here with a full cookie and his two close friend from school, Matthew and Eric.
You can see by the time I got to him for a hug, he had made substantial headway on that cookie.
Here he is with our sweet friend Perry, but not before he snuck another bite!
Our sweet friends Sean and Lucas Ellenberger came to support Carson. Mark and Sean have coached soccer together for 7 years. They are a wonderful family and we feel lucky that Mark got paired with him 7 years ago.
Our other friends that we love so much Jack and Lisa Zinn. Seriously I want to steal their little boy Jack, but he wanted to steal a few bites from Carson's cookie.
The cookie series is now done and he moved onto other goodies, but I was able to torture him with a few more pictures before everyone escaped. He loves Kristina Hall, he is her resident Auntie who makes going out for ice cream more magical than you could ever imagine.
The day wouldn't have been complete without his good friends the Hersam's and the Mooy's. He was showered with love by so many people that I wasn't able to get a picture of everyone who came, but we sure are grateful for kind friends who took time out of their day to join us and make one little 8 year old feel super important!
Afterwards we headed back to our house for a late lunch with our family. My parents and sister had to catch a flight at 5, so we tried to soak up as much fun with them before they had to leave. Luckily Mark's parents were able to stay with us until Wednesday, so we had some more fun to look forward too!