Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cousin Time

This week we were lucky enough to get a quick visit from Mark's twin sister, Michele and her two girls Emily and Sarah! We were so excited to have them here with us. Emily had a volleyball tournament all weekend in Reno and so they headed our way on Monday afternoon. My kids asked all day long, "HOW MUCH LONGER until they come!"

We went for a walk together along the bike trails followed by dinner at IHOP on Monday night! On Tuesday, we bailed from our normal life to go spend a fun day with our cousins in San Francisco. We started off at Coit Tower with beautiful views of the entire city. It was so clear! We then made our way to Pier 39 and our usual food fest. We started it off right with a Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream cone for everyone.
Here is the whole crew at Pier 39.
Emily and Sarah got some great sketches, which kept us entertained along with the Captain Jack Sparerib street performer.
Here we are waiting in line for the Carousel.

Watching our favorite Sea Lions, who actually ended up being pretty sleepy on Tuesday.

We ate lunch at Boudin Bakery and then we left Pier 39 and made our way to Lombard St. Parker took these next few pictures from the car.

Sadly we had to make our way back home before rush hour traffic began. Thanks so much Michele, Emily and Sarah for taking the time to visit with us, we had a great time!