Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring Break Part 1

We have been back over a week now from Spring Break, but I am just now getting the chance to upload our photos. I uploaded these late last night and wouldn't you know it I put them in backwards, ARGGH. I hate that, but I'm too lazy to go and switch it out even though it will drive me crazy. I guess I will just have to live with it.

We headed down to San Diego for Spring Break and had a great time. We rented a beach house right on the beach which made the main focus of this trip the beach of course. We also spent a day at Lego Land and took in a few museums too. We went with our good friends the Zinn's.

Here is Parker and Aidan just outside our beach house.
Once we got there, Carson couldn't wait to get out there and start digging!
Actually all of the kids had big plans for giant sandcastle, so they all got out there and dug.
One of the museums we went to was the Fleet Science Museum. Here is McCall experimenting with light, shadow and color.
Bayden loved the building room where he constructed a tower taller than he was! He was entranced for a good hour.
Here are a few photos from our day at Lego Land. Gracie and I on the airplanes.
The kids had a great time running around inside this giant jungle gym. We had to drag them away from that place.
Bayden hanging around the jungle gym.
Carson, Gracie and Bay waited in line forever for these cute little mechanical horses. We took like 50 pictures of them on this ride. I think I was so excited about them finally getting on it, that I just kept snapping photos.
Parker and Aidan.
I don't know what this is, but I know that it is important in the lives of Star Wars lovers. Also, Gracie doesn't have anything wrong with her face, she was just chewing on a granola bar when I happened to take this picture.
Parker and Aidan in front of the Clone Turbo Tank. The only reason I know the name of that one is that Parker begged for that sucker for Christmas for months beforehand. He got it, built it and plays with it everyday and every night I have to remind him to put the Clone Turbo Tank away which is why I know the name of it.
The ladies (McCall, Clara and Gracie) with their Knight and shining armor.
Our family entering Legoland! It was a pretty cool park. It has changed a ton since we last went, but our kids loved looking at all of the Lego creations. It was a fun day.
On Monday we got to celebrate sweet Clara's birthday! We were glad we got to celebrate with her and help her eat her yummy Oreo dessert!
We also went to the Mormon Battalion visitors center which was so well done! It was actually one of our kids highlights from the trip. They panned for gold and experienced a great reenactment of the Mormon Battalion. Here they are panning for gold. They actually made us go back another day to pan for more gold. I think maybe they thought it was real gold.
Gracie and Carson inside the theater.
Carson volunteered to be a Mormon Battalion Soldier, so he got to dress the part. He was really excited about that gun!
Here is a picture of our beach house a.k.a. Neptune's Palace!
The girlies playing at the beach.
The kids ran out to the ocean as soon as we drove into the garage! Have I mentioned how much my kids love the beach.
On our way down we stopped at the Grove in Los Angeles and got some lunch and did a little shopping. Gracie was amazed by the American Girl Doll store and drafted a Christmas list a mile long while we were there. Luckily, she settled on one little outfit for Bitty Baby and was a happy camper.
The boys were less than thrilled, but good sports nonetheless.
Eating lunch at the Farmer's Market. Can you guess which children were less than thrilled with their lunch choice...I won't mention any names Gracie and Bayden!
Here is our little crew at the beginning of our Excellent Spring Break Adventure. We were glad the Zinn's were brave enough to go on vacation with us because we had a great time!

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amyandrandy said...

that beach house looks fabulous! what a way to vacation right?! looks like you had a fantastic vacay, can't wait to see more pics from spring break part 2. =)